Kathleen Vollman - Advancing Nursing through Knowledge & Innovation

Clinical Expertise

Kathleen has been a critical care nurse for over 40 years and a Clinical Nurse Specialist for 30 of those years. She assists nurses and organization in achieving patient driven outcomes through knowledge, process change and skill development.

Practical Innovation

Kathleen designs creative strategies and practical frameworks for integrating evidence-based practices into nurses and multidisciplinary teams’ workflow to innovate care and impact patient outcomes. Kathleen is the inventor of the Vollman Prone Positioner that was on the market from 1997-2011, making it easy and safe for turning critically ill patients prone.

Evidence Based Knowledge

Kathleen’s knowledge base is expansive. She has presented, published and consulted nationally and international on acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), prone positioning, sepsis early recognition and management, early mobility, reducing health care acquired infections and pressure injuries, nursing professional development, patient safety and work culture.

Kathleen Vollman speaking at ICN Regional Conference
Kathleen Vollman
Kathleen Vollman - Advancing Nursing through Knowledge & Innovation

"By improving the knowledge and skills of the RN, the nurse increases their personal power to advance the profession of nursing and positively impact patient outcomes."

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